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ABLE-Differently is a non-profit 501c3 charity organization offering an innovative prevention, promotion and wellbeing-health protection based model of support for children with mental and emotional concerns who are previously identified as children with special health care needs, and for their families and health care providers.

Our purpose is to help advocate, and when necessary help fund, self-determined activities such as sports, hobbies, artistic pursuits, etc., that encourage the expression of feelings and showcase a child’s strengths, dreams, desires and interests. By the use of such “preferred play” outcomes they are reintegrated into every day routines and daily life events in the natural environment. Families are encouraged to engage with their children to identify positive experiences, successes through archived stories originating from a child’s life context which then may feed forward to improved coping within a differently experienced social environment.

Also, families, along with other interested adults such as teachers and coaches, are given the opportunity to teach restorative skills aimed at nurturing this child’s internal resiliency, capitalizing on protective factors that are specific to the family and community using program provided tools as mindfulness, positive psychology/positive functioning and story-telling. Through our program, a developmental pediatrician is available to the child’s health care provider for brief consultations supporting primary care’s screening for mental and behavioral health needs. Changes in subjective measures of well-being and health brought about by our approach over time, with reports of these changes can be shared with health care providers and teachers.

If indicated, helping the practitioner with a referral to specialty mental health can happen. Also, scholarship support to evidenced based community physical fitness, yoga and mindfulness programs are made available to the child and family. Download “enrollment application,” Click on More.

ABLE-Differently works in partnership with local professional organizations, which includes the American Academy of Pediatrics Utah Chapter, Utah Adolescent Child Psychiatry, Utah Academy of Family Physicians, and the APRN Nurse Practitioners Association. There is little or no cost of our program to families based on financial need. Donations from individuals and various foundations are sought to cover recreational and creative art activities.

We would be pleased to discuss ABLE-Differently with you in person, by phone or email if so desired. Contact us at or call 801-520-7376.

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