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Carla Reyes
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In 1996, I graduated from the training program at the University of California in Santa Barbara with a degree in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology. Through my training, I developed the philosophy that it is not possible to draw a distinction between the populations served and the skills needed by Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychologists. Rather, I believe the interdependence of social systems requires that all psychologists be familiar with the influences and workings of school systems, patterns of normal development, and aspects of psychopathology. This philosophy allows me the opportunity to treat a myriad of people with a greater understanding and empathy for their problems. I work in conjunction with the many communities and systems that are impacting individuals’ and families’ lives, e.g. teachers, school administrators, grandparents, ex-partners and church groups.
As a licensed psychologist, I feel that my clients greatly benefit from my unique talents and skill sets, including the following:

•  My ability to work with diverse populations including infants, adolescents, mature adults, racial/ethnic minorities, children with autism, and individuals with disparate mental health concerns.
•  My vast experience in varied settings such as outpatient facilities, schools, research clinics, and private homes.
•  My graduate school training combined with my personal and professional knowledge, which has been enriched by my ethnic minority heritage.
•  My strong training as a research psychologist and diverse working relationships with community agencies, schools, and regional centers.
•  My steadfast patience, professionalism, enthusiasm, adaptability, open-mindedness and compassion for the human spirit.
•  Childhood Sexual Abuse
•  Play Therapy with Young Children
•  High Risk Children and Families
•  Trauma
•  Divorcing Families and Parenting
•  Childhood Disorders
•  Autism and Developmental Delays
•  Home Visits
•  Classroom and School Observations
Insurance can be billed. I am a perferred provider on a number of panels. Check with your insurance policy to determine coverage.

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