National Play Therapy Conference – My Impressions

By Holly Willard, LCSW

IMG_1232It’s hard to convey how amazing the National Play Therapy Conference in Palm Springs was other than it was life-changing. It was by far the best conference I have ever attended.  The workshops were incredible!  I came away with lots of interventions and felt rejuvenated.

My top ten experiences were:

 10.     A week full of play!

9.       Talking with experts in the field.  Everyone was so approachable and willing to

           offer advice.

8.       Relaxing at the Resort, it was so beautiful.

7.        One of the keynote speakers, Larry Smith, talked about the six word memoir.

           He asked participants to describe why they do play therapy in 6 words.  Here are a few of my favorites: Play therapy

           is my hot chocolate, Love play therapy, now I am broke. Great intervention to do with clients.

6.       Liana Lowenstein’s workshop on grief and play therapy.

5.       Winning a major award (door prize including: free pet therapy training, and gift certificate to self-esteem store).

4.       Paris Good-Year Brown’s workshop on sexual issues.  If you work with clients that have sexual reactivity get the book

           “Tackling Touchy Subjects.”

3.       Meeting Gary Landreth.  He is one of the most genuine people ever!

2.       Building relationships with other play therapists through laughing, crying, eating, and dancing (very memorable)

1.       Presenting with Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPT-S on interventions for the modern family.

I can’t wait until next year in Houston, Texas!