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Expressive Arts Play Therapy – Review and Insights

By M. JaNoy Nield, LCSW

expressive1I have thought a lot about what I took from the training, and since there was so much, it has been hard to narrow it down.

I was in “trauma mode” for most of the workshop.  However, I know that I was able to recover much, much, sooner than had I not participated in the training.  I think the part that impacted me the most, was the depth that I was able to go in such a short time.

Several things made this possible.  First, the experiential nature of this therapy helped me be able to explore my thoughts and feelings with all of my senses, rather than just the “talk therapy” approach of speaking and listening.  Getting my body moving also freed up my emotions and thoughts in a safe way.  Which brings me to probably the most important factor—-I felt safe.

John was incredible in setting up a very safe, nurturing, environment.  And, he was brave and healthy enough to show his emotions and concern for his clients.  I felt on “level ground” with him and all of the participants, at the same time, knowing that he was a competent, trustworthy leader.  I loved how each exercise laid the foundation for the next–allowing me to go deeper and higher in processing my trauma and accelerating my healing.

Before this workshop, I was seriously contemplating finding a new career in the next year or two.  I now know that I want to specialize in Expressive Arts Therapy.  I loved it and am now looking forward to staying in the field another 5-10 years or more.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you to all who helped!