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EMDR and Play Therapy

images (2)Review by Sarah Hunter, CSW

I recently attended the UAPT sponsored workshop titled Integrating EMDR and Play Therapy: A Collaborative Model. As an EMDR trained therapist I found this workshop to be extremely helpful.

The morning started with a review of the eight phase EMDR treatment protocol. This was a good review for EMDR trained clinicians and a good introduction to therapists who have not been EMDR trained.

The afternoon focused on application. There were many practical ideas shared on how to adapt the EMDR protocol to suit the needs of a variety of ages of children.

Since the training, I have been able to use many of the ideas suggested right away in my office. The training helped identify ways to simplify and make concepts more concrete for younger children. I loved listening to examples and learning some of the verbiage used to adapt the protocol and make it appropriate for younger children. The presenters supplied everyone with handouts that had seven different interventions that could be used to help our little clients build their ability to tolerate positive affect and regulate emotion. Some of these we even practiced in the workshop.

When the day was over, I left feeling excited to try some new interventions with my young clients. Many thanks to all who were involved and made the day run so smoothly.