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Child Parent Relationship Therapy – A Conference Review



We are so lucky to have had the chance to learn from Dr. Garry Landreth again! This training focused on Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), which is a research based 10-session filial therapy program to teach parents how to do play therapy with their children, as well as learn other great things, like how to respond to their children, therapeutic limit-setting, choice-giving, building self-esteem and self-control. This is the only family therapy that is not verbally based. It is on the child’s level.

Garry really encouraged us all to share our skills with the parents. Our job as professionals is to give our skills away. I loved when he stated, “The best way to change society is to equip parents who equip children.”

A lot of time was spent on the first three sessions of the 10 weeks because so much of the process and getting parents to engage happens in these 3 weeks. He emphasized that we describe the skill, demonstrate the skill, and then have them do the skill. We really want to help parents learn how to BE WITH their child. The impact this has is huge.

Remember, everything important or significant takes place in a relationship. CPRT is incredible and we highly recommend teaching it to the parents you work with!

We weren’t able to get through all weeks but there are a few of us that have run CPRT for a few years and are willing to answer questions if anyone has any.


Sheri Rowley, LCSW, RPT



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