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Play Works

The Power of Play

By Clair Mellenthin Play is a fun, enjoyable activity that is the natural way in which children learn about and explore the world around them. It elevates our spirits and…

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7 Ways to Help Your Anxious Child

When children are afraid about the unknown (new school, new grade, new house, etc), how do you handle it?  Do you reassure them and say, “it’ll be okay, don’t worry…

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A Play Therapy Intervention:

Feelings and Bubbles  Blow bubbles and explain that feelings are a lot like bubbles.  Some bubbles pop quickly and others last a long time.  Some feelings come and go quickly…

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Why Play Therapy Works

By Marilee Woolstenhulme, CSW Play Therapy works because all forms of play therapy, whether directive or non-directive, honor the child’s capacity for self-actualization, which empowers a child and produces self-confidence.…

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