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Local APT Approved Trainings

Center for Sandplay and Expressive Therapy
Where the Unimaginable becomes Imaginable

Expressive play therapy utilizes a variety of modalities such as sandplay, art, movement, clay, music, drama, and more. Clients are encouraged to use these expressive forms of communication as a means of self exploration and as a way to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Through the use of the imagination these creative play therapies allow healing to occur. The expressive play therapy workshops are designed to teach participants how to integrate the use of these creative play modalities in psychotherapy. The workshops are experiential in nature allowing the participant to experience the power of change through play and imagination.


Workshop 1: Beginning Expressive Sandplay Therapy

In this workshop participants will learn the method of sandplay therapy through demonstrations and by having the opportunity to personally experience 2-4 sandtrays daily. Through the use of sand, water, and miniatures you will learn how the unconscious manifests itself and how to bridge the play into conscious awareness. You will also learn how to witness and honor the creative play process. You will personally experience a variety of expressive play therapy modalities and learn how to integrate them into a sandplay session.

Learning Objectives of Workshop
Participants will:

• Learn sandplay therapy history and theory
• Learn the process of using sandplay in a play therapy session through personal experiential exercises
• Learn how to create and set up a sandplay play room
• Learn how to witness and honor the play therapy process
• Gain an understanding of the use of sand and water in sandplay therapy
• Learn how to document and photograph a play session
• Understand and practice the role of a therapist during the sandplay session
• Lean how to incorporate expressive play therapies in the sandplay session

This is a 2 day experiential workshop.  No prerequisites are required.  Twelve Continuing Education credits are available. The Center for Sandplay and Expressive Therapy is an approved Association for Play Therapy Provider.


Workshop 2: Advanced Expressive Sandplay Therapy

This workshop is a continuation of the beginning Expressive Sandplay workshop. Through experiential exercises and demonstrations the participants will learn how to deepen the journey of the play experience. Observation skills will be enhanced while helping the participant to use all of their senses and abilities. By doing 2-3 personal sandtrays daily, the participant will also develop their abilities to nurture their own creativity and imagination. Additional expressive modalities will be used and participants will be shown how to deepen the therapeutic experience.

Learning Objectives of Workshop
Participants will:

• Learn how to use amplification and understand when this method can be used
• Be taught a variety of techniques that can be used to deepen the play experience
• Learn how to work with and understand countertransference
• Learn directed sandtray play and when to use it
• Learn a variety of expressive play therapy modalities and how to use them to deepen the therapeutic experience

This is a 2-day experiential workshop.  Workshop 1 is a required prerequisite for this course.  Twelve Continuing Education credits are available. The Center for Sandplay and Expressive Therapy is  an approved Association for Play Therapy provider.


Workshop 3: Expressive Play Therapy

This workshop will introduce you to Expressive Play Therapy. While talk is the traditional method in therapy, Expressive Therapy utilizes all the possible expressive capacities that a client may have, thereby utilizing all of their capabilities in the healing process. The workshop is experiential in nature and will allow each participant to have the opportunity to experience a variety of therapeutic interventions that will include using art, music, writing, puppets, drama, and movement. Come and learn how the expressive arts and the creative process help in the healing process.


Learning Objectives of Workshop
The participant will:

• Understand the history and theory of expressive therapy and how it is used in a therapeutic setting
• Understand the use of art, drama, music, writing, puppetry and other expressive modalities in  psychotherapy
• Learn creative interventions that can be used with a variety of therapeutic populations
• Learn the role of imagination and creativity in the healing arts
• Understand the limits of Expressive Therapy
• Understand how expressing inner feelings by creating outward images helps in the healing process

This is a 2-day experiential workshop.  No prerequisites are required.  Twelve Continuing Education credits are available. The Center for Sandplay and Expressive Therapy is an approved Association for Play Therapy provider.


Workshop 4: Child & Adolescent  Expressive Sandplay Therapy

The workshop will focus on understanding how to use expressive play therapy with children and adolescents with an emphasis on using sandplay. Typical child and adolescent patterns of sandplay will be discussed.   Each participant will do 2-3 individual sandtrays daily as well as experiencing how to use art, puppets, writing, music and other expressive modalities with this population.

Learning Objectives of Workshop
The participant will:
• Learn adolescent developmental sandplay patterns
• Learn how to use the Hero’s Journey in expressive play therapy
• Learn latency age developmental sandplay patterns
• Learn the therapist’s roles while working with children and adolescents
• Learn how to use art, puppetry, writing, music and other expressive modalities in conjunction with sandplay when working with children and adolescents.

This is a 2-day experiential workshop.  Workshops 1 and 2  are required prerequisites for this course.  Twelve Continuing Education credits are available. The Center for Sandplay and Expressive Therapy is an approved Association for Play Therapy provider.

About the Presenter

John Burr is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor. He earned his MSW from Brigham Young University. John currently resides in Utah and has been a practicing therapist for 28 years, with 18 of those years being in private practice.  He was fortunate to learn the art of expressive play therapy while a graduate intern and has continued to learn and perfect his skills. John has served as a board member of the Utah Association for Play Therapy for the past 18 years.  John specializes in using Expressive Therapy with children, adolescents, and adults.  He has been teaching workshops for 15 years and is a popular presenter.

Expressive Play Therapy Workshops Information

The cost for each workshop is $300. The workshops are held at 871 South Orem Blvd., (Evergreen Square), Orem, Utah 84058. The workshops begin at 8:30 am and end at 4:30 pm on both days.  If you have any questions feel free to contact John at 801-225-7805 or email at sandmanutah@gmail.com.

Deadline for registration is one week prior to the workshop.  All registrations much be received prior to the workshop.  There are no same day registrations

Cancellation Policy
Registration cancellation must be submitted in writing to John Burr

• No refunds will be issued for any requests posted less than thirty days before the workshop.
• Registration may be transferred to another person without penalty only if the original registrant notifies John Burr.
• John Burr reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to any unforeseen circumstances. If the workshop is canceled you will receive a full refund. All attempts will be made to notify you of any cancellation within 10 days prior to the workshop.
• Due to the experiential nature of the workshops registration is limited. Registrations are accepted in the order they are received.
• A minimum of 10 registrations must be received or the workshop will be rescheduled.

Register online at http://www.johnburr.net/register/or fill out the following form and mail it in.

Registration Form:

Mail to John Burr, 871 S. Orem Blvd., Orem, Utah 84058



Zip Code___________________ Phone (_____)_____________Email_______________

Please Check the workshop(s) you are registering for:

________Workshop 1 Beginning Expressive Sandplay Therapy –April 14th & 15th, 2017               Cost  $300
________Workshop 2 Advanced Expressive Sandplay Therapy–TBA                                                  Cost $300
________Workshop 3 Expressive Play Therapy– May 12th & 13th, 2017                                             Cost $300
________Workshop 4 Child /Adolescent Expressive Sandplay Therapy- Nov 10th & 11th, 2017    Cost $300

I will pay by       check _______ credit card______

Please make the check payable to John Burr

Credit Card Information _____Visa _____Mastercard _____American Express

Name on credit card _______________________________________________

Account number __________________________________________________

Expiration date __________________________ CVS ___________________

Amount $______________________________



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