Animal/Creature Clay Sculpture

This intervention was created by Dr. Sue C. Bratton and Clair shared it with attendees at the “Sticky Situations: Ethical Dilemmas in Play Therapy Supervision” Workshop.

Supplies needed:


  • Small portion of model magic
  • Variety of craft supplies
  • Plastic plate/work surface



  • Encourage student to explore their clay with eyes open and then eyes closed.
  • Ask student questions about what they notice about the clay, the texture, if it feels cool or warm, does it feel different with eyes open or closed, etc.
  • If comfortable, keep eyes closed and create an animal that you like best or best symbolizes you. Then make that animal/image out of clay – it doesn’t have to be a real animal, or it can be part real and part imaginary.
  • Once they are finished, have each person show/tell about their animals and why they chose that animal/image.
  • Next, create a safe environment for the animal – create a world for their animal. A place where the creature feels safe, comfortable, and has what it needs.


clay1   clay2   clay3   clay4   clay5   clay6

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