The Utah Association for Play Therapy is an independent organization representing the Utah branch for the Association for Play Therapy (APT). The Utah Association for Play Therapy is organized as a Utah non-profit corporation.

The purpose of UAPT is to provide a forum for the discussion of play therapy ideas and concerns to fulfill the Association objectives.

The objectives of the UAPT are:

  • To seek to advance the discipline of play therapy.
  • To promote training, research and the development of materials which will further the practice of Play Therapy.
  • To provide ongoing professional development of its members
    to inform and educate the general public and the health care community about the role of play therapy in referral, assessment and treatment.
  • To promote sound play therapy practices in the interest of society and the individual, advance high standards of professional conduct and provide a forum to address complaints about the unethical conduct of members.
  • To advocate for the rights of children, their families and significant others.
  • To establish contacts with various organizations for collegial support and educational pursuits.
  • To advance high standards of professional conduct by conducting educational and professional meetings and conferences.



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